Monday, April 24, 2006

Always a happy baby ...

I have to admit, I was lucky when I was graced with the little angel I have in my life. She is the easiest and happiest baby and rarely cries. She always has a ready smile for anyone who talks to her and when she wakes up, it's the first thing she flashes for you. She has on a new outfit today and she looks great in the color. I had to take some pictures when we got home this evening because she was all smiles and chattering away like the little monkey she is.

She's been doing really good the last 3 or 4 days with her reflux and I thought maybe we were over her projectile vomitting of her bottles. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep her thumb and forefinger out of her mouth ... I'm pretty sure she is starting to teeth. When she gets her forefinger in her mouth, it brings on the gag reflex and she spit up her entire bottle this morning at the babysitters. I'm hoping when we visit the doctor on Friday she tells me that we can go ahead and start giving her some baby food and maybe that will help calm her little tummy down some more.

She was laughing at Mommy in this picture because I was telling her that I was going to get her piggies.


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