Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday birthdays suck

Planning a birthday party is often quite an endeavor. Planning a birthday party for a child that was born one week before Christmas is practically impossible.

I had wanted Sage’s birthday party this year to be something special. I think it is the first birthday party that she will really remember and really get into having. She has been asking to go to the big gray mouse’s house, i.e. Chucky Cheese, but all of her little friends at daycare have plans for the weekend before Christmas. While she has a sister and brothers and a few cousins that could go and enjoy the day with her, I just don’t see it as being the same and “her kids” as she likes to call her friends from daycare.

I finally made a decision over the weekend, after finding that most of the children in her classroom are busy, that we would just go ahead and have a “family” party at her MawMaw’s on Saturday. I’m really bummed and I hope she isn’t disappointed.

I may take her to Chucky Cheese tomorrow evening after daycare and let her have at it. I hate the germ infested place, but she loves it and I don’t feel it is fair to deny her desire to be there. I will likely disinfect her twenty gazillion billion times while we are there and delouse her little butt when we get home, but that is neither here nor there. Hopefully, the memory of crawling thru snot-slimed tunnels and mounds of invisible streptococcus will last beyond her forced cleansing of all things germy.


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