Thursday, May 11, 2006

American Idol??? America is stupid!

Okay, it took me 5 years to get sucked into this show, but they managed to do so this year when I saw some of the singers they had on the show. My first disappointment was when Mandisa was voted off so early in the competition while that flake "oh pity me" Kelly Pickler actually hung around until a couple of weeks ago! I mean give me a break ... how long can being a blonde bimbo get you by? By American Idol standards, and the American people voting, apparently a good long time. All of the preliminary auditions and SEVEN weeks of actual real competition. The girl has a mediocre voice, at best, and never should have made it as far as she did.

Last night ruined the show for me. Yeah, I like looking at Chris ... who doesn't? But that's not why I watched. I love the guys voice. Katherine has a really good voice ... she has training since her mom is a voice coach. But gimme a break! She blew it on Tuesday night and there is no way she should have made it to next week's semi-finals. She screeched through part of her songs, she forgot the words and admitted it, she can't dance ... shall I go on?

I read somewhere that Fuel is very interested in him after covering one of their songs early in the competition. Maybe they'll be giving him a call soon. He's definitely going somewhere ... fortunately, now he won't be held back by American Idol.


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