Monday, November 13, 2006

You know ...

I've told you how much the Monkey hates socks? Right? I know I have. I tell everyone. She even spent a good ten minutes on Saturday trying to get her tights off before she realized it wasn't happening and gave up. I had to wrestle them onto her when I put them on.

Saturday evening as her father is putting his socks on, she is on the floor at his feet. He puts the first one on and she watches him. He picks the second one up to put it on ... she sticks her damn foot out at him. She wore his sock until he took it away from her!

I have just one word ...



Blogger Fidget said...

well, it was HIS sock and it would be taken from her so automatically it's more shiney, glittery and lusted for than a bedazzled elmo or lollipop. Plus it had the bonus of irritating teh bejesus out of you - my kids LOVE when they can pull stuff like this

9:40 AM  

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