Friday, November 03, 2006

Girl Scouts?

Well, Brownies, to be more specific. A mother from Kaylie's church stopped by a few weeks ago and told me that she was starting a local Brownie troop and she would love to have Kaylie in it. What was I going to say? No? I have been wanting to get Kaylie involved in something that was girlie and just about her for some time now. Specifically, I have wanted to enroll her in dance school since last summer and have never had the chance to do so. But Brownies? She seemed gung-ho, so why not!

For those who know me ... I'm not the Girl Scout type. I'm not about conforming and having gatherings with people once a week and making nice and all that. Not to mention the whole overtly Christian overtones to the group. To each her own, but it's not for me. Besides, if you want church, go to church ... don't have it force fed in extra-curricular type activities for children as well. I. JUST. DON'T. LIKE. IT. I do know that for one brief time in my young life I was a Poppy, which is the 4H equivalent of a Brownie. The lady that lived behind us ran the group and I think I went to one meeting. I don't remember a thing about it but I do know that I never really liked the woman because she always thought she was better than everyone else, and that may very well have gotten my Poppyhood taken from me.

Kaylie is the "do what all the other girls are doing" type of girl with a twist. She will do what they are doing and join in to be like the others, but then she wants to boss them around and be all mother-hen like. It should be an interesting experience for her since her "den mother" and I have had a talk and she is to put her little butt in it's place when she gets out of line, which hopefully won't be too often. Last night was her second meeting and she came home with something hidden behind her back. She got to "paint" what looked to me like a winged cat, but I couldn't really tell with her bazillion-mile-a-minute recount of the activities for the night and the brandishing in the air of the cat(?), and talk of a coloring book, that I had to tell her FOUR times, that it was not going to school with her! And there was something in there about her wearing her Brownie vest to school on Thursdays, but I didn't catch the entire thing and need to clarify that. Vest to school? Not to sound like Sage, but ... WHAT? Why wear the vest to school?

Kaylie is also going to a "Disney Princess" ice show thingy tomorrow with her grandmother. I bought a new outfit for her to wear today and Dink just didn't get it. He is home with her today because she wasn't feeling well, so I called:

Me: Ask Kaylie if her black dress shoes still fit.

Dink: No, she has white.

Me: So I need to get shoes too!

For what?

Me: For her princess outing tomorrow with your mother, to go with the new outfit I am getting ready to get her.

Dink: But they don't have to dress up.

Me: I know they don't have to, but it's a princess thing and they are down front. She's going to ride in the carriage on the ice because she's in the VIP section. She'll WANT to be dressed up.

Dink: Why? They don't have to dress up.

Me: It's a girlie thing, you don't understand, GAH, I'm buying her new clothes! You just stick with the boy things. Hmmm ... K?

He's clueless about little girl things. Clueless, I tell you. Are all men like that when it comes to little girls? Or just mine?


Anonymous Jenny said...

Mine too. He didn't understand why she needed a leotard for gymnastics. "Just let her wear a bathing suit."

Sigh. I feel your pain, sister.

4:00 PM  
Blogger Tammy said...

They are unbelievable, aren't they? He didn't understand the need for the pink parka I bought her the next day either. She adores pink. She's such a girlie girl.

4:08 PM  

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