Thursday, November 02, 2006


What? What's that? What? Sage has learned the word what. And occasionally, she says whastha ... which is "what's that" in a manner in which you expect to turn around and see a pimping, slick skat cartoon cat uttering it. I should start calling her skat baby. She will hear her Daddy downstairs and call out "WHAT?" I will tell her something and she will answer me with "WHAT?" It's quite cute and there are times when it seems like she really is making an inquiry and not just repeating the same new thing over and over again.

She is also hissing now. She actually hissed herself to sleep the other night, still making the noise once she had fallen alseep. The kids have each come up with a reason that she would be hissing, all of which are kind of hilarious when you watch them try to take credit for teaching her a new sound. I honestly don't know who she picked it up from, or if she just started it on her own. I thought the argument over it last night was going to come to blows between PJ and Kaylie, so I quickly asserted that I'm the mama and that she copied me. So there. STOP. THE. ARGUING! I honestly think they sit around in their respective rooms at times and just think up shit to try to argue about. Like arguing over a pencil. A standard, generic, yellow pencil that looked just like the other bazillion pencils in the box on the bakers rack ... except this one was sharpened ... and they argue over it. A fifteen year-old and a seven year-old. GAH!

And I think I'm obsessed. Something else to do with photos. I'm liking the Tabblo site. I was at it again. Now I need to take lots more pictures and upload old ones for the 100th time, just so I can make more of these.

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