Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Looking For a New Journal Home ...

As much as I like what I have been able to do here at Live Journal, I am looking for a new home for my blog. One that I can transfer this one too ... and build upon. One that allows me to do everything I want without silly restrictions. One that doesn't consider the photo of a breastfeeding mother to be pornography and bans people who inadvertently thought that it wasn't.

What the fuck? While I'm not one to post a photo of myself breastfeeding ... because my shit went on strike after my uterus tried to kill me and I couldn't breastfeed ... I think that a woman who wants to share a photo of such should be allowed to. AND ... well, I want to specialize in maternity and infant portraiture. How many breastfeeding shots do you think I'm going to be taking? While I plan on having a domain for my photography business once it's up and running, I pay Live Journal to blog here. I should be able to post a picture of a suckling babe if I want to.

I am trying to work out the look at one host, but I'm having difficulties and have all but given up on them. We'll see. Stay tuned for the info on the move. I'll post a link and let you know when the other blog is up and running.


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