Thursday, September 28, 2006

Recent Conversations

The other night, I needed to keep Sage out of the kitchen while I was making dinner. I asked the kids to hang out in the living room with her while she darted to and fro in her walker. While I don't really ever try to occupy her with the television, I have seen how enamored she is of this furry overgrown thing on PBS when I pick her up in the evenings at the babysitter. He sings and such and she cranes her little head over my shoulder to watch him.

So, I decided to put in one of the movies I have purchased for her with the intent that she will get to watch them in the future. I put in Alice in Wonderland, thinking the bright colors and such would grab her attention and she wouldn't be trying to knock the chair that I strategically placed in her way, to the side.

I put the movie in and Kaylie is perched on the edge of the couch in anticipation. PJ quickly exits the room and Cody runs in.

Cody: Cool a movie ... what are we going to watch?

Me: Alice in Wonderland

Cody: (looks at me like I'm insane) Huh?

Me: Cody ... she IS a girl!

Cody: Oh yeah. (flops down on floor)

A few minutes later Dink walks by ...

Dink: Oh cool, you put a movie in for her. What is it?

Me: Alice in Wonderland

Dink: Alice in Wonderland? Why?


Dink: Oh yeah, I forgot we have a girl now ...

Me: And KAYLIE would rank in what category?

Fifteen minutes later, Sage is having a fit and I let her come into the kitchen with me. For the record, Kaylie had already left the couch and went to her room to pursue other interests. Cody. Cody was laying on the floor entranced by Alice in Wonderland, completely ignoring the fact that his nine month old sister wanted his attention.

Fifteen more minutes pass and I tell Dink he has to take Sage and occupy her for ten minutes so I can finish fixing dinner.

Ten minutes later I walk into the living room to Dink, with Sage in his lap, SINGING the songs from Alice in Wonderland!

I'm telling you ... that Y chromosome makes NO sense to me. None.


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