Friday, September 15, 2006

Are You Reading?

Other than a few friends I have given this journal address to, and a few family members, I don't really think much of anyone else reading what I write her. So, I was chatting with (emailing) Colleen yesterday and realized that more people than I thought are reading here. I never really gave it much thought before ... other than the occasional "oh, I have to delete that" thought, thinking that I could cause quite a bit of turmoil if certain parties read some of the things that sneak past the block from mind to fingers when I get riled up. I mean, I knew that when Coll was working over the summer doing staging, that there were big, scary looking rocker types adoring my daughter and going "ahhhh" over her, and it cracked me up. But it was a one time type of thing and I thought "cool, so and so thinks my monkey is cute."

And there's Mads ... hey dude! Almost as cute as your kids? What's up with 'dat'? HA! He's "the Dane." Good luck in Toronto this weekend. He's the reason I am going to get crows feet because if I can actually find his movies, I'm going to be squinting at the screen reading subtitles the entire time since none of them are in ENGLISH! I'm working on a nickname for him. Trying not to be a smart ass and come up with something along the lines of "the Blonde Bimbo", which was someone else's nickname. And there is Mads' friend Atta apparently reads as well ... don't know you, but hi there! If I knew the least bit of Danish, I would say hi appropriately, but I don't, so I won't. Germanic languages ... hmmmm ... I'll keep it to myself. Shut up, Coll!

I should probably clarify, there may be someone reading here who thinks the Blonde Bimbo comment may be about him ... no, it's not. When you had nicknames, they were wide, varied and the most flattering was probably the "that dirty, rotten Dutch bastard."

I guess the whole point of this is ... if you are reading about my child and my sometimes crazy ramblings, leave me a comment! Lavish completely unsolicited proclamations of beauty upon my daughter. Well, I guess, not so unsolicited now. It's real easy. Look down ... see that little purple blurb that says "Leave a comment?" Click on it ... come on, it won't bite.

In all seriousness, it would be nice to know when someone is reading my ramblings. I do this for family ... mostly Colleen ... and Sage. I want her to have something in the future that lets her know a little about the things she did, and when she did them. And I suck at the scrapbooking thing even though it appeals to my artistic side. I don't have the time or the patience. Maybe one day, when I'm all grown up and become the world famous photographer that I want to be ... well, not really world famous ... just coveted ... I'll have time to do things like that because that will be a part of the services I want to offer. But until then, scrapbooking isn't me.

Speaking of photography ... I think there might be something wrong with my camera. Like I have used it too much or something. I'm starting to have a lot of problems with blurriness and I know it's not me ... I know how to focus and I don't shake. And digitals do that when they are ready to go "pbbbttttttf" at you. I need to get it looked at but am finding it hard to imagine giving up possession of it since I use it, like, every day! And it's a good excuse to get the one I want, that I can't afford, if it does go on the fritz. I should really say the one that I am settling for but can't afford. No way in hell I can afford the one I really want. It's way out of the range of my budget or saving capacity. Way out there! So, I need to figure out what to do. Go stand in a shop watching over them as they figure out what the problem might be other than over-use, and take my precious little Canon right back out the door with me ... or ignore it until I'm going psycho when my camera just stops working and I HAVE TO TAKE PICTURES NOW! I can't leave it at a shop ... I know I can't. I'll be like that crazy little Gollum in Lord of the Rings whining "precccciousth" all the damn time and rocking back and forth while squatted in a corner until I get it back.

And here's the little monkey ... I know you are only here to look at her anyway! Get ready for overload because I couldn't choose which ones to post from this week. And please ... ignore that ugly ass couch in the background. I hate that thing. I did NOT pick it out, I do know how to decorate a house! Dink (the boyfriend) likes it for some reason unknown to the rest of the world that has taste ... but I can't seem to get rid of the ugly thing. Maybe it's because I can't afford to replace it. Hmmm ... maybe. Either way, I don't like it.

Wednesday night ... she had to be the big girl. The last picture was taken right before she fell on her big girl butt and crawled to mommy crying. Like her new outfit?

Wednesday night still. After the crying episode and playing in the bath tub. The first one she was throwing her arms up in air when I said "toss them up high." The second one, she dropped her damn teddy bear. I had to scramble to get it back in her little paws before the ensuing meltdown began. So impatient. I wonder where she got that from??? Shut up.

Um ... yeah, yesterday. I've got issues. I couldn't choose which ones to put up. Coll doesn't mind. She loves her sweetpea. And one final one ... she was mad at me last night. I don't know why. I did nothing. She was playing, looked up at me and did this ...

Made me feel about as tiny as the type on this screen. Out of nowhere ... this is what I got from the sun that I revolve around.


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