Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Denial ... And finally buying bigger clothes for growing baby

Busy Labor Day weekend!

Well, not so busy if you are anyone else, but for Sage and I, we were busy. It started on Saturday when I finally realized that I was in major denial for weeks and kind of avoiding buying new sleepers for Sage because I had to get size 12 months. I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but it was. She is growing so fast and having to get that size of clothing that is one step under almost being a TODDLER was kind of throwing me for a proverbial loop. My mother and I packed her up in the truck and off we went to the Carters store at the outlet mall.

A lot of people were insisting that I shouldn't go the outlets when I mentioned them on Friday. They insisted that other stores were just as cheap and that it was just plain silly to go to the "outlets". Well, I didn't want to go to another store people! I wanted to go to a store that specifically sold BABY clothes made by CARTERS. I wasn't trying to save money by going to an outlet mall. I was looking to specifically purchase clothing that I knew would fit when I bought the size I was buying. What the hell? What's the big deal. Everyone was having a fit about my not saving money by going to the Carters store. You would think I was making a big money purchase and foolishly spending thousands of extra dollars.

Sage ended up with four new sleepers and four autumn outfits since the temperature seems to be dropping. Thank the GODS! Of course, the temperature promptly went right back up on Sunday. Just in time for going to Cody's football game and she couldn't wear one of her new outfits! Sage played in her carseat while I did my best to shield her from the glare of the sun during the game. Of course, that was after I had slathered enough sun block on her to keep her from getting the slightest tan until she is at least FIFTY! When Cody's team scored a touchdown with three minutes left in the game, making the score 6-0, Sage clapped along with everyone. Whenever she claps, I usually clap with her and say "Yay". I do believe that she was trying to say her version of that on Sunday which came out to be an Ahhhhahaaaaaaaa or something of that nature. Cody's team won the game 6-0 and Sage promptly fell asleep within minutes of leaving the game!

Oh, and she has her first boo-boo that had mommy in more hysterics than she was. She was pulling herself up on her exersaucer and slipped. Well, those Baby Einstein people didn't make sure that all of the edges were smooth before they packed her exersaucer up in its' box! One slightly rough edge that became the sharpest thing EVER was left and it cut her chin when she fell. She cried for about two seconds. I cried for about ten minutes because I must be the most GAWD awful mother on earth to have not noticed that unsmooth surface in the four months she has had her exersaucer. Her chin looks awful. Everytime I look at her smiling little face I see this angry red cut on her chin. It breaks my heart.

Yesterday, she went to visit with MawMaw and PopPop for a few hours in the afternoon since PopPop hadn't seen her all weekend and I knew I was going to be getting the guilt trip of "I haven't seen my granddaughter in a week" from my Dad. He's like a damn junkie! And I'm the only one that can provide his fix, in the form of my child. There is no denying that her PopPop loves her, that's for sure. How could anyone who knows her not love her? That's what I keep asking myself as we go into the 4th month of her paternal grandmother not seeing or inquiring about her! And that is what I will likely continue to ask myself for years to come as I will not encourage a relationship that I know will be unhealthy for Sage in the future.


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