Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Funny AND Scary

Another girl I work with, Annette, brought her 8 week old baby, Glenn, in yesterday since she is still on maternity leave. She also brought her 3 year old daughter, Chelsea, with her. Chelsea is adorable. Chelsea liked our receptionist and kept hanging out with her. We were standing there and our receptionist was going to show Chelsea how to write her name. She kept asking what her name was and Chelsea kept replying "three." After four or five times, Annette said "no, that's how old you are, tell her your name." Another attempt from the receptionist and Chelsea just stared at her. So ... our all-knowing receptionist devised a way to get around the question and get the answer she sought ... "what does your mommy call you?" she says. HA!

BIG HEADED HUSSY!!! She said it with such innocence and pride. I lost it, Annette turned about twenty shades of red and our receptionist still had no clue how to show Chelsea to spell her name. It was priceless!

It was also scary as hell because I am the first to admit, there are times when I (1) have a potty mouth, (2) forget that I am now a mommy and must keep the potty mouth in check and (3) have quite often called Sage little names that I KNOW are inappropriate but they are just between her and I, so, who cares! Well, it seems I better care. Traitorous hussy was the last little name I called her during the "dada" episode last week.

By the way ... Danielle ... you out there? My sister told me that you are now reading and wanted to know why I am so bitchy. In case she doesn't answer you, I told her to tell you it's "BECAUSE I'M NOT A LESBIAN!!!" Men, girlfriend ... they are evil and they make me this way. Not just men, boys who may not grow into men if they don't stop driving me batshit crazy.


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