Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Babies ...

My friend Stu, in England, emailed me a picture of his 19 month old daughter today. Her name is Anastasia. She looks like Stu ... not so much like her mother Yana, from what I can tell. Here's a picture of her. I'm not so worried about the amount of hair Sage has now ... or lack of I should say ... no, nope, not one bit.

Cute, huh?

Also, the other day, I ran into a co-worker in the restroom. Her daughter is almost three and I just happened to blurt out, as I am known to do, "so, when are you giving Jessica a little brother or sister?" Um ... she got a scared look on her face and said "I'll know tomorrow." HA! I did it again. I swear, soon, women that know me will run from me with the fear that I will tell them they are pregnant. Anyway, Mary is due February 24th.

Babies ... everyone is having them. I'm not having anymore, but everyone else seems to be wanting to pop them out. And if they can't, for whatever reason, they are adopting!


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