Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My adorable little monkey has become quite the independent little cherub lately. She turns her toys on by herself, she wants to try to feed herself with her spoon, and she is becoming way too mobile for mommy's liking lately. I love her independence, knowing that she is thinking for herself and wanting to make decisions. I do not like the tantrums that come with my not allowing her to make certain decisions. Decisions like look at that shiny penny, I'm going to pick it up and put it in my mouth ... Those decisions aren't allowed. And when mommy takes said penny, or anything else for that matter, away from her ... she throws the biggest of tantrums for such a tiny little body.

I used to be able to trade her things for what she had and she would be okay with my taking something from her. I think she caught on. If I try to trade now, she takes what I am giving and then stubbornly refuses to give me either item she has! If I introduce a third, she hugs it to her chest between the first two items. She will not free a hand for an additional item. She knows what I'm trying to do!

So, life is getting very interesting when it comes to dealing with the little person. She learns something new every day, and in her process of learning, I learn as well.

I've got the commando crawl down mom ... I'm coming to get you!

I know I'm adorable. Everyone loves me.

Like my new face. I'll get this whistling thing down sooner or later!

The absolute quickest way to give Mommy a heart attack nowadays!

Mommy likes it a lot better when I'm like this ...


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