Monday, August 14, 2006

I Need a Life Outside of My House

Just like every other weekend it seems, this weekend wasn't much of anything. Kaylie had her little birthday party on Friday night with one minor change ... it was decided sometime during the day on Friday, between Pete and his mother, that the party would be at her house so the kids could enjoy the pool. Well, we all know how thrilled I am at the prospect of having to even contemplate pretending to be civil to the woman, much less actually doing so; so after my worrying over what to get Kaylie and my frantic shopping on Friday, everyone celebrated my efforts without me. Ah well, I think she had a good time and since it was her birthday, that is all that matters. The effort that was made to change the plans I had made, in the frenzied secretive way that they were, does irritate me quite a bit. But, that's a day in the life of having to deal with the know-it-all, holier than thou
poison that my dear partner calls a mother!

The rest of the weekend was as uneventful as any other. I really need to find some kind of hobby that requires me to leave the house! Having Sage and the camera, in the house, really makes it unnecessary for me to venture anywhere beyond the confines of my home. Other than a brief jaunt to the store or to my parents house, I really don't go anywhere. That needs to change. I am starting to feel like a hermit. Especially when, as so happened yesterday, Sage spends most of the day with my parents. No Sage means no picture taking, which means that I must find something else to do and for the life of me, I can't! My world now revolves around her, her needs and her schedule; and I am so utterly lost for things to do when she is not around.

She wore a new dress yesterday, so when she did return home, ALMOST AN HOUR LATE, I had to take some pictures. I barely got to spend any time with her though since not long after the pictures were taken she decided that she was completely exhausted, had a bottle and promptly fell asleep. She did wake up for about half an hour but by 9:30pm she was out again.

The shots here are ones that I took of her last night. I may have gone overboard, because I think I took about 70 pictures of her! That's not hard to do though. It only took 5 minutes.


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