Thursday, August 03, 2006


I have always had a passion for photography but never really pursued my interest until I got my digital camera a couple of years ago. The expense of developing the pictures that I wasn't constantly taken overrode my passion and having all of the media digital made things so much easier and cost effective. I decided that I wanted to pursue things further and enrolled in a photography course at the beginning of the year. I had loved photographing animals prior to Sage's birth and had thought of a career in equine photography. I had taken some amazing shots of my Arabian, Othello, and had several people ask who I had hired to take his photo. Once I became pregnant and searched everything regarding pregnancy on the internet I fell in love with maternity portraiture. I had never seen anything like it and loved the thought of capturing a woman in the final stages of pregnancy, showing the beauty of it all at a stage in my life when I wasn't feeling the most attractive! Then Sage was born and it just so happens, so was my muse. Capturing her on film and having a way to look back on the precious things she has done made me want to give that gift to others as well.

From that point on, my desire has been to complete my photography course and try to start my own business as a photographer specializing in maternity and infant/child photography. So, if you know anyone who wants pictures of their children or maternity portraits, please let me know! I want my own studio in the future but my true desire is to take photos in a natural setting to capture the true essence of a baby/child in her/his own environment. And to be honest, studio portrait work for maternity portraiture turns me off. The photos I fell in love with were all done outside, either on the beach or in wooded areas. Pregnancy is such a natural state for a woman, and to try to show the true essence of such a thing in the confines of a studio just doesn't seem right.

I do plan on doing photos for a couple of friends, and I will be sure to have them posted somewhere for people to look at if they are interested. I also wanted to share a picture that I took of Kaylie about a year ago. It was what made me really fall in love with photographing outdoors.


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