Monday, July 24, 2006

Mann's 1st Birthday

Sage and I went to my friend Stacy's for her sons first birthday party on Saturday. Mann is adorable ... his real name is Henry, but since Stacy isn't too fond of that, she started out with "My Little Man" and it ended up being "Mann." She lives a little over an hour away and I wasn't too sure how Sage would do on the drive up without someone in the back seat to keep her company, but she did really good. She played with her toys and took a short little nap. Stacy is 5 months pregnant with her second child, another boy. She's one of those women that look really cute pregnant ... the kind I wanted to smack the shit out of when I was pregnant! LOL. Mann is so adorable ... really quiet and curious. Here are a couple of pictures of Sage from Friday evening and some pictures from Stacy's on Saturday. Also pictured is Shawna's (Stacy's cousin) 18 month old daughter, Meagan. She's so adorable.

Henry "Mann" James Fryfogle, Jr.

Mann with his grandmother, Stacy's mother-in-law

Hayley, Melinda (Stacy's friend) and Stacy


Sage playing with PopPop after we returned from Mann's party.


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