Friday, July 07, 2006

New pictures

Sage has been kind of cranky this week. I think she has another tooth coming in but it seems to be taking its time about things! I managed to get some really good pictures of her on Wednesday. She had on a new outfit, which I'm doubting she will wear again because the fabric has no give and it was a HUGE pain to get off of her. She's not much on staying still or having any patience lately when it comes time to get dressed or undressed, so we stick with the easiest clothes possible.

She's really starting to pick up an appetite and loves her teething biscuits that I finally got for her. The first couple of times she got them soggy and then decided that they were for playing and painted her exersaucer with them. She seems to have the hang of it now though and doesn't waste much of them!

Not much to report this week other than her growing really fast and becoming more mobile. Tonight she started trying to scoot herself across the floor to get a toy. I'm guessing she'll be crawling soon enough and then the fun begins. She will be into everything!

The first picture here is from the 4th down at Mom's house and the others I took on Wednesday. I'm going to have to do a little cropping and get a few of them enlarged, they are that cute.


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