Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I just suck at this, don't I? I have every intention of posting things and time slips by and I don't get around to it. Sage now has TWO teeth ... the second one came through a couple of days after my last journal entry. They are so cute and she likes using them. I just can't wait until she gets her top ones in and really goes to town on biting Mommy whenever she gets a chance.

Sage now loves eating her baby food and is trying many new things. She also has this thing called a safety feeder that has a little handle and a mesh net. You put fresh cold or frozen fruits or vegetables in it and she can chew on the food through the net and suck the juices out. She makes a complete mess with it but she absolutely loves it. She loves banging it too and accidentally smacked herself in the forehead with it the other night. I think that is the first time she has hurt herself and cried over it. She was not a happy girl for a few minutes. She also got her very first sippy cup yesterday with some pear juice in it. She got frustrated with it and then decided that I gave it to her to look at the really cool stuff inside that moves. She drank a little from it this evening but she was hungry so I had to take it from her and give her a bottle. She had just eaten two hours before but that's all she seems to go without a bottle in the evenings during the week. She'll go 4 or 5 hours without one at the babysitter ... and she'll barely drink anything on the weekends, but during the week, it's all about drinking as much as she can.

Friday night she decided that the occasional rolling over from stomach to back or back to stomach wasn't enough. I spent much of the evening chasing her across the floor trying to keep her on the blanket I had laid out for her. And, she can roll across my bed faster than I'm comfortable with. She also decided on Friday that she no longer wants to go to sleep at 9:00pm. You could set your watch by the length of her naps and her bedtime. She now falls asleep somewhere between 9:45 and 10:00pm and she is waking up around 2:00am fussy. I am hoping it's those top teeth trying to come through and she will get over it. She also won't sleep on her back anymore. I put her in her crib on her back and she rolls over within 15 minutes or so, in her sleep. So, I had to take her comforter out and that may also be the reason she isn't sleeping through the night. She's a girlie girl and has to have something soft to sleep on. I'm just not about to take a chance that she will get something fluffy bunched up around her face so I am going to have to deal with her waking in the middle of the night.

She turned 6 months old on Sunday ... Father's Day. We didn't do much and hung out around the house all day. She got her daddy some Dungeness crab legs and he was quite happy! I can't believe she is already 6 months old. It seems like I was pregnant a month ago. Of course, I still look like I'm pregnant on occasion. Disgusting. My incision site has finally stopped giving me shooting pains when I move quickly so I have picked up a Mommy & Me exercise video ... it's actually power yoga. Now I need to find my VCR and hook it up. Do the chores never end?

I got her a new exersaucer yesterday to keep at her babysitters house. It's a lot different than the one she has at home but Phyllis says she seems to love it just as much as the first one I got her. This one has a bunch of goofy looking animals around it, like a purple and pink rhino with black spots. She's happy, so who am I to think the rhino is weird.

Mom is out of town for her annual Skills USA competition. She actually forgot to take pictures of Sage with her and was on the phone Monday night wanting the address for the journal so she can show off her beautiful granddaughter. And, she was jealous that Dad got to spend an hour and a half with Sage without sharing. Tee hee ... Dad was quite happy about it.

Monday is her 6 month check up and round three of those horrid shots. I'm already feeling ill to my stomach at the thought of it but I guess it has to be done. I always thought that when I had a child, I wouldn't vaccinate because of the possible issues that could arise due to vaccinations. Now that I have a child, I think of all the things that could arise if she doesn't get the vaccinations! I've succumbed to modern medicine in that area, although I'm not entirely comfortable with it.

I think that's it ... not much else going. So, without further ado, here are the new pictures that some of you have anxiously been awaiting. I promise to start making more of an effort to get them up here more frequently. I don't really need to sleep, do I? At least, that's what I keep telling myself.


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