Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We have a tooth!!!

Yesterday evening, I was playing with Sage before leaving to go to Bill and Cheryl's and I thought I saw a little bit of white beneath Sage's gums. I was trying to get her ready to go, so I didn't have time to investigate. On the way over, I was playing with her in the backseat and noticed it again when she laughed. So, I stuck my finger in there, much to her dismay, and felt around. She had a tooth break through on the bottom right yesterday. It's so cute. I keep wanting to look at it and making her mad. She doesn't like it when anyone messes with the front of her face around her mouth or nose. And while she is all about putting YOUR finger in HER mouth, how dare you try to do it yourself. Nope ... your finger goes into her mouth on her terms. So, as much as I hate annoying her with needless things, I did find myself grabbing her little chin a few times and trying to peek in her mouth. You can see it pretty good when she laughs because she opens her mouth wide, but it's only a flash and then it's gone. I can't wait until it's up far enough to get a picture. Maybe I can get a picture of her laughing tonight and enlarge only the mouth portion and see the tooth. Who would have thought, my new obsession is a tiny little tooth that I only get fleeting glimpses of!!!


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