Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm slacking ...

Yes, I know ... I'm a slacker. I haven't updated the page in too long. My Durango was wrecked last weekend, it's done for. The insurance company is sending it to the auction yard and I'm waiting to hear about the payoff. While I am in limbo, I'm driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I don't like it at all. The guy at the rental place tried to give me a little Nissan Sentra and there was no way I was going to drive Sage around in that, so the best thing I could get was the Cherokee. I miss my truck.

Sage is becoming quite the wiggle worm. She'll buck her little butt right out of your lap if you aren't paying attention and holding on tight. I got her an exersaucer from Baby Einstein on Saturday and she has become her new best friend. She sat in it talking to herself in the mirror for about 15 minutes this morning. She was hilarious. She is starting to like playing on her gymini a lot more now as well and can play on her own for extended periods of time without getting upset if she can't see you.

We went to Pete's sisters house yesterday, Debi, for his nephews graduation party. They hadn't seen Sage yet and she was her typical smiling self. She got to meet her Aunt Debi, Timmy, Cheyenne, Josh, Mikayla and Aunt Mary and Uncle Scott. Being outside in the fresh air wore her out and she was asleep by slightly after 8:00 last night. She did really well on the ride down and back. She didn't fuss at all. She seems to be getting used to riding in the car seat now, which is good. Now I can actually go places and not have to worry about her screaming her head off because she's strapped in!

Kissy face ...

... and with Aunt Debi


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