Friday, June 30, 2006


I've had this secret little pleasure for several years. Every couple of weeks I go online to visit the site IllWill Press and watch a cartoon with 'Foamy the Squirrel.' He is freakin' hilarious and has had me ready to wet my pants on several occasions from laughing so hard. Foamy says the things that everyone wants to say, and except for a few of us, never do. He has a punk witch sidekick and the toons are just hilarious. I encourage anyone who needs a good laugh to visit the site and after watching the current Foamy cartoon, click on the "toons" button in the bar at the top of the page and watch as many of them as you can get away with. I actually have a CD with the first series on it ... they are that funny.

Please ... go watch ... laugh like a loon. And then remember to go back when you are in a funk and need something to make you smile. Foamy will do so 99% of the time!!!

More pictures of Sage this weekend. I promise.


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