Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Trying to crawl and sit

Sage has started to try to get her knees under her and rocks back and forth then throws herself forward to reach things now. She should have that crawling thing down within a couple of weeks at the rate she is going but I am in no hurry! She sat up quite perfectly yesterday morning without any support. I was sitting behind her on the floor and when I got up to get the camera she very slowly fell to the side and wasn't having anything to do with sitting back up, instead wanting to play with her feet, as usual!!! She's growing like a weed and still amazes me every day. I'm guessing that is a life long journey since her entire existence is astonishing to me.

She's still not sleeping well at night and wakes up often. I am constantly getting in and out of bed to calm her and end up putting her in bed with me to get her back to sleep. Then I'm afraid to move her too soon or I'll wake her and I can't fall asleep with her in my bed because I'm afraid she'll roll out since she moves so much in her sleep. I'll wait about half an hour and finally move her, only to have her wake up as I'm finally drifting off to sleep again! I will be SO happy when she is back to sleeping through the night as she did for four months!

The pictures are from the last few days. Her dresses are from MawMaw and she looks SO adorable in them.


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