Friday, July 28, 2006

Busy week

I haven't had much time to post any updates this week. Football season has started here and Cody has had conditioning camp all week, with full contact practice starting next week. Full contact practice means time for a physical for Cody, and the possibility of shots. I had to pick him up from practice last night since it was bowling night for Pete and PJ and informed him of the possibility of a shot or two. New school regulations in the county are requiring the Hepatitis series of vaccinations and I'm not sure if he has had them. Needless to say, at the mere mention of it, the waterworks were on display. I told him to suck it up because Sage has to get shots every two months, three at a time, and you don't see her crying before we go to the doctor. Of course, she doesn't understand where we are going or what is going to happen, but it doesn't seem that an 11 year old mind quite grasps that concept yet ... so, he stopped complaining. Score one point for me!

Sage officially sat up, without me sitting behind her lending my "mommy is here" support, on Tuesday night. After changing her she managed to grab the always fascinating wipes container and started playing with it before I could manage to get the thing out of her reach. Lately, taking something from her when she wants to play with it leads to the most insane little fits to come out of a little person. She pokes that ever-pouting lower lip out into a full-on pout, furrows her brows and lets out a piercing little scream that would make you think someone had just poked her with one of those aforementioned needles! Rather than confront that head on Tuesday evening when I still needed to make dinner, I let her keep the danged wipes container ... and sat her up with it to see what she would do. Well, she straightened up her little back, looked at me with a wide two-toothed grin, and then proceeded with a little impromptu drumming jam session. I'm thinking I'll be looking for, and not easily finding, a little baby sized set of bongos! Better yet, a little tiny person djembe would be great. I'll need to find the African import site that had the djembe I wanted and see if they have tiny ones. Doubt it, but it's worth a shot. Maybe I'll even break out my bodhran for her, sans the mallet ... don't need her smacking herself in the head with it, nor do I want baby drool on my mallet, because as everyone knows, if you place something in a 7 month old baby's hand, they are going to put it in their mouth!

She went to visit with MawMaw and PopPop on Wednesday evening while I was grocery shopping. When I went to my parents to pick her up, she had been sitting on a blanket playing with her toys for about 5 minutes. She heard me walk in the door and started craning her little neck trying to see me come up the stairs and around the corner. I'm guessing it was the excitement of my coming to get her, or maybe just fatigue ... but she fell over. I'm going with the excitement of seeing mommy! I've also got some pictures that I need to download from the camera and upload to the site of her sitting. And you know what that means ... now that she is sitting, I'm getting some angel-wing pictures this weekend!!! Yay me! I'll be channeling Anne Geddes in her early years. HA!

Besides the sitting, she seems pretty damn determined that she is going to be crawling. Right now, she gets up on her hands and knees and kind of rocks back and forth OR she just lunges herself forward. She is managing to become more and more mobile by the day and while that fills me with excitement it is also scaring the bejeebies out of me! I'm a paranoid fruitcake half the time with her anyway ... I can't imagine the new phobias I will come up with once she is mobile. Gods, save me from my silly phobias.


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