Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Kaylie!

Kaylie is seven years old today. Seven going on thirty. I can't blame her for thinking and acting so much older than she is. I blame it on those adults that were allowed to corrupt her in her most impressionable years. Those individuals who have inadvertently made it so hard to get her to understand that she IS ... A ... CHILD! She looks so innocent with her big, baby blues and tossled blonde hair. She is so not what you would expect a seven year old to be. At least, not what I would have ever expected a seven year old to be. She is the child who is always trying to jump into every non-appropriate adult conversation that you are having ... as she sneaks around the corner. And if you inform her that the conversation is not for her to listen to and send her off to play, as soon as said conversation is over, she comes back and demands to be filled in on the topic of discussion. She is USED to this. She expects to be allowed in these conversations because she has been in the past. HOW DO YOU GET PAST THAT??? Nothing is working. After over a year, nothing has worked! I give up. If she wants to talk about tampons next time it comes up, I'll just ask her opinion. And NOT be surprised by answer I get because she will probably know WAY more than she should about tampons.

Still. I don't know what else to get her for her birthday and I am just going to have to take her shopping tomorrow. Maybe we'll have a girls day out. Kaylie, Sage and I. Or maybe I will ask my mother if she wants to watch Sage and it will be just Kaylie and I. I don't have my shopping cart seat insert thinga-ma-bob that I want for Sage to protect her from all of those grimey shopping cart germs yet ... and it is hard as hell to get that thing clean with those wipes I have, while wrestling the squirmy love of my life with one arm and a hip!

I'm still open for any suggestions ... but the few of you who read this are running out time. Help me ... I hate shopping!


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