Thursday, August 10, 2006

Better Day

I am having a better day today, for the most part. I did not wake up a raging bitch this morning. Yay, me! And Sage didn't fight with me when I put her in the carseat. Yay, me again! However, she is starting to get into that clingy, don't take me from my mommy thing that breaks my heart everytime someone prys her chubby little hands from my shirt.

Kaylie's birthday is tomorrow ... the BIG 7! Woo-hoo ... she acts like she's turning 30! So, what in the hell do you buy for a 7 year old that acts way too big for her brithces? Hmmmm ... please tell me because I haven't got a clue and I am now down to hours before the birthday party instead of days or weeks. She won't tell us what she wants either. I did pick her up a cool pair of pajamas because she is anal about pj's ... gotta have them!

My mother is out of town and probably fuming at me for not posting any pictures last night so that she could look at her precious. I didn't have time Mom! Sorry. I was too busy being a bitch and cooking dinner. Probably won't have time to do it tonight either, but she'll be on a plane later and won't be able to look anyway. Unless she has some wireless internet laptop connection that I have been kept in the dark about. She's with her boss ... so very possible.

Basically, I'm only mildly annoyed with everything today. Major downgrade from the mammoth iceburg attitude I had yesterday ... today it's like an ice-cube size attitude in comparison. Still there though. It's like PMS ... but I don't get PMS. Well, I didn't get PMS. Until I got pregnant. Then I had a good long 40 weeks and 2 days of non-stop PMS! So maybe it's one of my new life enriching hormone induced traits ... since having a baby, maybe I do get PMS. Kind of like since having a baby, my baby-fine, straight as a board hair has decided to get all nappified on my ass. I swear, I've got these half-kinked stray pieces that are going everywhere and if I don't keep them under some semblence of control, I look like I have crazy lady hair. I don't know what's up with it but it has made me contemplate, on several occasions, shaving my head and buying a pretty wig! At the very least, I need to DYE my hair so it is one color and not multi-tonal with the fading red, mouse brown and stray white hairs that want to pop up out of nowhere every other day. Maybe this weekend ... if I can manage to get the dye AND if my sister has time to come over and do it. Maybe. Not likely. That would be taking time for myself and that doesn't happen often.


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