Thursday, August 17, 2006

Football Season has Begun

Officially, it started several weeks ago when Cody started practicing, but last night was their first scrimage. Cody is doing really well this year. With last year being his first year playing, and moving up to the JV squad this year, we thought he would be sitting the bench a lot. He's starting tackle on defense and second team for offense. I had planned on taking some pictures last night, BUT the layout of the field sucks and we spent most of the evening squinting and shielding our eyes because the sun was blinding everyone that was trying to watch.

We had planned to take Sage with us but once I got home, I realized that it was just too hot to drag her out. She does not like getting over heated and having her sit in the direct sun for a couple of hours would have had her in a mood to rival the worst of her bad moods. Everyone was asking about her and demanded that I bring her to the games. Yeah, yeah ... once it cools down. They really don't know what they are asking for asking me to bring her out when it is 90+ degrees. It would just be so ugly.

Everyone is having babies! I ran into an old friend last night and she is due in 6 weeks. She looks like she is ready to pop any day now and is already bigger than I was when I gave birth. I don't know how she's going to get through the next 6 weeks with football practice and games. I know the heat at the games last year made me want to crawl into the closest deep freezer I could find! Of course, Stacy is due on Christmas and one of the football moms told me last night that she is pregnant and due in February. I don't know if it should be considered an epidemic now or not, but everyone is having babies. Except me ... I've got mine, quite happy with her and I will likely smile wanly while killing the bastard who thinks my getting pregnant again would be a good idea. Nope, not happening, no way, no how. If I want another, I will adopt.


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