Wednesday, August 23, 2006

She's Gonna Be Trouble

Look at these pictures. Is it just me or am I in a heap of trouble when she gets older? She always looks like she's up to something ... a devilish little imp just waiting for the right moment to do something that will completely freak mommy out! I mean, I am seriously contemplating LoJacking her little ass as soon as she's walking because I know I'm going to turn around for one second and her curious little butt is going to disappear on my ass!

August 18th (8 months old) ... trying her hardest to get to something I took away from her for the bazillioneth time!

Looking at the big kitchen sheers mommy was using to cut something. She was SO mad when I wouldn't give them to her. This face is reminiscent of the turtle face of the early days. It is currently her favorite facial expression. I think she is trying to figure out how to whistle.

As she was first spied standing in the pack-n-play. She looks as if she's thinking "HA! Nothing can stop me now!"

Her reaction to mommy trying to teach her how to bay at the moon ... afterall, mommy is one of those, omigosh, heathen pagans!

And in her "Princess" hat. She is a little princess. My little princess. She can be a bad ass if she wants ... mommy will love her. Mommy may pull all of her hair out, but she'll love her!


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