Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How Much Can She Fit Into One Day?

Yesterday was fun and exciting for Sage. First, there was her managing to finally pull herself up in the pack-n-play so she could grin and bounce up and down while chanting the baby form of a Gregorian chant. Much to Phyllis' dismay, she adamantly refused to take her morning nap and briefly fell asleep for 40 minutes instead of her usual 2 1/2 hour lunch time nap. When I picked her up in the evening, she spun her little walker around and met me half way across the room with her hands reaching for me as she grinned away.

We pick Cody up to drop him off at football practice and she falls asleep on the way. I'm figuring I am going to be struggling with her an hour from then, trying to no avail to wake her since she hasn't slept much during the day. She wakes when we get home and decides that the 20 minute cat-nap she just took is enough sleep for her! Dinner time and then a diaper change. I figured it was as good a time as any to put her sleeper on for the evening and I only turned away for about 5 seconds. I swear ... that was it. I turn back around and she's on all four, crawling to beat the band and is already halfway across the room, headed for the monopoly board! So much for the commando crawl. I guess she got tired of the baby bootcamp jokes.

Wow, too much excitement for one night. Don't throw everything at mommy all in one shot, she might not be able to handle it. So, she's playing in the exersaucer while I'm finishing up with dinner. She's doing her little monkey chatter that makes no sense other than to her little fairy friends that she talks to by the lights, and she looks right at me and says "Da Da." Shock, surprise, pride, frustration ... all of those and more are what I felt as I belted out "oh, no you didn't." I had been asking "who's the mama," "Sage, can you say mama," "Mamamamamamamamamamama" all damn evening! What the hell is up with DA DA???? "Does DaDa change the diapers? Does DaDa get your bottles and feed you? What does DaDa do? Why DaDa? What about MaMa?" Ugh ... who the hell decided that daddy would be called dada? Who? A man, that's who. As soon as he realized that it was the easiest syllable in baby speak and their all important selves had to be first at everything. DaDa my ass! It's so not right. I'm thinking that I'm DaDa from now on ... let daddy be MaMa when she finally figures that one out. That's my solution.


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