Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Greatest Feeling

Yesterday, when I picked Sage up from the babysitter, she was in her walker. Up until now, her movement in the walker has always been pushing with her feet and going backwards. When you hold her hands and try to get her to walk, she walks away from you, because she goes backwards. Well, not anymore!!! I walked in the door yesterday, she threw her arms up in the air with a huge smile ... dug those little tootsies into the floor and came to me! It was one of the greatest feelings possible to have her hold her arms out to me and then come to me. I didn't want to let go of her once I had her in my arms. She gave me one of her baby hugs that let me know she was happy to see me and I just kept squeezing. But I had to let go. I had to put her in the carseat ... and then I had to take her to my mother's house after half an hour so she wouldn't suffer in the heat at Cody's game.

I love my baby girl. Can you tell? She brings so much wonder and joy to the world. How did I get through the days and nights without her? I have no clue.


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