Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Things for Sage ...

I can't believe I forgot to mention that after weeks of trying to teach the little monkey to wave, she finally started doing it! I'm showing what a wuss I am in the telling of this, but I always make my mother go to Sage's doctors appointments with us. She has to be the one to hold her on that table because I cry too much ... and it really is hazardous to the well-being of the nurses to have me that close when they are hurting her. But anyway! My mother goes with us. And when we were dropping her off the other evening after the appointment, Sage waved bye to her. Of course, mom was all like "she waved, she waved at me, bye Sage, wave at MawMaw again, oh, she did it again ..." HA! And then she was waving at the babysitter last night. She holds her hand up and moves her fingers up and down. So cute.

And on Saturday, she suddently lost her fear of the big hairy Bacchus beast. Until then, if he got within about three feet of her, she would cling to me, climb me like a monkey and hide her face in my neck. Now she's all big and bad in her walker and bum-rushes the poor canine like she's one of the woad painted warriors in BraveHeart charging the English after an inspiring speech by William Wallace. She does this little all over body tremble and then she's a blur as she flies across the kitchen floor with her arms stretched in the air. They do this back and forth head thing where when Sage gets closer, he retreats ... then Bacchus gets brave and she retreats. Eventually, she touches him, he licks her and she's had enough already ... get that dog and his tongue off of me now! He still scares me though. I mean, his tongue is like the size of half of her face. His paws ... small dessert plates. One swat with one of those things and he can do some damage. He's six times her weight and even when she's standing, he towers over her.

They'll work it out. In the meantime, I'm right there beside them pulling hands and noses and paws out of the way.


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