Monday, September 18, 2006

Nine Months ... Time Flies!

Sage, Kaylie and I spent Saturday afternoon standing outside of the local high school waiting for Cody to come riding by in the back of a truck for the brief little Pony Football Parade that they always do. Meaning, we dropped him off, went to the school, waited for an hour and I managed to get ONE shot of the truck going by with him in it! Then I had to drive up to the middle school along with about 100 other parents, to pick him up. That was my Saturday. After that, I was done and we spent the rest of the evening at home.

But yesterday ... Dink took PJ and his friend Ethan to the Family Values Tour because he's a complete Deftones and Korn fanatic and PJ's birthday is this coming Saturday. He'll be fifteen. I can't believe he made it! So, with Kaylie and Cody off to church, Sage and I went with her MawMaw and PopPop ... we went shopping. And my child tried to get a five finger discount. She snagged a teddy bear from a rack that she got a little too close to and there was no getting it back from her. Then, she proceeded to try to eat the tag so that the saleslady couldn't ring it up!

We somehow managed to walk out of the store with mostly PINK. What the hell? I did everything I could last time we went shopping to make sure that we got away from the pink thing. It seems like that was practically the ONLY thing they had this time. The clothes thing is killing me. I see all of these cool clothes on babies in magazines and such. And I can't find them anywhere. Maybe it's because they are usually the children of celebrities since they are in magazines. Maybe I need to make a bi-monthly trip to LA and go clothes shopping! Yeah right. And maybe I'll win the lottery. HA! There has to be something else out there though. I'm afraid to order clothes online because I don't know if they will fit her. The only brand I am sure will always fit when I buy the size I am looking for, is Carters. Everything else is a crapshoot! If anyone has any hints about where to get nice baby clothes that don't look like cotton candy ... help a mommy out, will ya?

I had a somewhat bittersweet moment last night while we were doing our usual routine at bedtime. I always take her up and play with her in my bed before she drifts off to sleep. We play peek-a-boo and I sing to her and do everything I can to make her laugh. I started singing 'You Are My Sunshine' and actually made it almost all the way through the song before I realized what I was doing. You see, my grandmother passed away a little over twelve years ago. The very last evening I spent with her, she laid in her bed in her new home and sang that very song to my grandfather. She was out of breath and in and out of it on painkillers, so it was raspy version of the song. She had so much love in her eyes when she sang that song and she passed at around 5AM the next morning. I heard that song in my sleep just as I startled awake that morning ... at 5AM ... and sat in my bed crying, waiting for my mother to call and tell me what I already knew. I have not been able to listen to that song since. If I thought of it, I would immediately tear up. Last night, not so much. Once I realized what I was singing and all, yeah, I got upset ... but Sage made things better. After twelve years, I'm not a firm believer that time heals very much. But Sage does.

So, now that I've gone and guaranteed another "why do I read your stinking journal" email from my sister, I better show some pictures.

She sweats, BUCKETS, when she sleeps. After her nap Friday evening, I spiked her hair into a mohawk. Good thing I didn't have any of that colored spray you can put in your hair or she may have had a purple mohawk!

Saturday, in the cage, I mean pack-n-play. She was trying to get my attention and kept peering over the top and then she would duck down and look through the mesh screen.

This is why Dink isn't allowed to participate in feeding her much. He does things like this! She couldn't figure out where that snack was or how to get it off of her face for anything. He finally stuck it to her nose and she knocked if off of there with a real quick swipe of the hand. She wasn't amused.

The hat is still a little too big, but I'm sure she'll be wearing it a lot soon. Fall is in the air and I need to keep her poor little head covered since her hair isn't that thick yet. I'm hoping to get her used to having them on by playing with her every day with them. Otherwise, it could be a very long winter!


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