Thursday, September 28, 2006

Give the Baby Kisses ...

Dink is so offended. Sage will now give me kisses when I ask. And ... she'll give her new babydoll kisses (which he started) but she will NOT kiss him. He says "give Daddy a kiss" and she turns her face from him. I know it is because his whiskers are rough on her tender skin, but he's so offended by it. Last night you could hear "just not right, so wrong" at random times during the evening. He's really stewing on this one. HA!

Tooth #3 is taking it's sweet, painful time coming in. She's still waking constantly at night and always needs consoled. I think I spent more time in the rocker than I did the bed last night!

And the Mussolini level has risen. She absolutely will no longer take a nap in the evening and by 7pm she's fit to be tied. Forget tied. She needs to put into a pillow lined room to prevent injury from her little tantrums every time she doesn't get what she wants ... immediately. As soon as I walked into the bedroom after her bath last night, she started fussing. I laid her on the bed for our normal routine and she completely lost it. Screamed bloody murder as if she had just been bitten by a million fireants! It took me, at the very least, five minutes to manage to wrangle a diaper on her before she decided to pee all over my bed. The sleeper ... HA ... who needs a sleeper. Well, she does damn it to hell. I finally won the battle when I realized she would let me do as I wanted if she had my CELL PHONE!

Total bath time = 10 minutes.

Total dressing for bedtime = 30 minutes.

Insertion of bottle into her mouth until she fell asleep from utter exhaustion = 6 minutes!

I really, really, really hope this phase does not last long. It breaks my heart to have to wrestle her just to get a diaper on her.


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