Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Think She's Been Going to Whiskey Bars ...

Sage has this husky, I've smoked ten packs of cigarettes and drank a bottle of bourbon, thing going on with her voice. It's the only sign I have seen that she is coming down with a cold, other than her crankiness. The teething unpleasantness and side effects ... they just don't stop, do they? The babysitter mentioned that her nose was runny when I picked her up yesterday evening, but I saw no sign of that. Just that I-just-did-a-shot-of-whiskey huskiness going on.

The mosquito bite ... not much better looking then it was on Tuesday night.

Tuesday night before leaving to go to the doctor's office.

Last night

Sage also has a new favorite activity for playtime. It's called "Let's rip all of the movies off of Mommy's shelf and eat them!" Sounds fun, eh? Doesn't matter if she's in her walker or just hanging out ... she's gotta pull them off the shelf. The other night, she was cruising around the kitchen in her walker, waving one of Dink's 'Girls Gone Wild' videos and he just about had a coronary.

Dink: That's just wrong, she should not be playing with THAT video.

Me: Not like she knows what's on the cover ...

Dink: But, but, the other kids, they shouldn't see her waving that around like that.

Me: So, take it from her prude. And don't leave them on my video shelf.

Dink: I didn't leave it there, PJ did ... after he watched it. Bad PJ! You shouldn't be watching videos like that.

PJ: What? I didn't. I didn't watch that movie. I don't even know what it is. (as he runs to his bedroom, turning ten shades of red)

For the record ... PJ didn't watch that movie. PJ would be too embarassed to even glance at the cover (that shows nothing) as he walked by.

Here is my angel ... pulling all of Mommy's movies from their proper place. In her new favorite way to sit. Cracks me up. And her foot just because. I hate feet. But I love her little chubby feet. I know. I'm weird. But I love nibbling on her toes.

Don't you just want to pinch those little cheeks?


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