Friday, September 29, 2006

Just because ...

I needed to see her cute adorable little face. And chunky little mosquito-bitten leg!

Wednesday night after her bath and the drama of getting her diapered and dressed! And yeah, that little pink spot on her forehead ... mosquito bite ... I cannot find that little blood-sucking bastard to save my life. I have resorted to rubbing Bounce dryer sheets on her head and pajamas at night to repel the little bastard. I don't know why it works ... but it does. They hate them. I used to stick one in my pocket when I fed the horses to keep the mosquitoes and horse flies away from me.

Thursday night ... it took me ten minutes to get that diaper on! TEN MINUTES people! She had a meltdown the size of Chernobyl. Major meltdown. Major drama. My child is a pushing the limits of all patience at diaper changing time. The last picture is when she saw me pick up her sleeper. She HATES to be dressed. Hates it with the white hot passion of a gazillion trajillion stars. And don't get me started on the standing ON the walker. The camera was quickly set to the side when she decided to use the yellow crossbars to climb even higher, just because.

The look I got when I walked past her to put her bottles in the diaper bag this morning. And then the look I got when I went back to give her a kiss.


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