Friday, September 29, 2006

Jesus Camp?

I know, strange ass subject title coming from me ...

While I live a life that nurtures and helps others, and what many view as 'Christian like', we all know I'm not! So, what's up with the title?

It's a damn movie review link that my sister sent me that has me riled like no one's business. Did we, as a country, or even as individuals learn NOTHING from what happened on September 11, 2001? There is a camp in, get this, Devil's Lake, North Dakota for children ages 7 through 12 that teaches them an evangelical Christian program. It's called Kids on Fire.

Guess what it consists of? From what I'm gathering ... HATE! This is extremism at it's worse, in North-fucking-Dakota! You know all those drones that we sent on fly-bys over Afghanistan? Weren't they to wipe out groups that were just the older, more ready-to-die-for-our-extremist-beliefs version of this little camp?

When are people going to open their eyes and stop fucking with our future by brainwashing their children into such idiotic prejudices?

While I consider myself to be very spiritual, I do not consider myself to be 'religious'. We know I'm 'pagan' and while I have used the title 'witch' before, I don't even like titles any longer. I know I'm a good person, everyone that knows me knows I'm a good person, and whose business is it what I believe or don't believe spiritually? I don't need my aunt to save me after my death by baptising me as a Mormon! Did you know they did such a thing? After you die? Like, they don't give a shit what you believe in, so long as they have the final word?!? I don't need the three little Jehovah Witness girls that leave notes on my door on a weekly basis, to stop by and check in on me and my spirituality. I don't need Dink's mother to invite me to church EVERY FUCKING WEEK because I need Jesus in my life!

What I do need is to be surrounded by intelligent people who don't feel the need to think that their way is the only way. People who think that it's great that there are other ways of viewing things. People who don't send their children to damned Jesus Camp in Devil's Lake, North Dakota, to dress in fucking camo and war paint to be in "God's army" and to be sent on field trips to anti-abortion revivals.

Jesus Camp ... coming to a theatre near you.



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