Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Spring Cleaning

I think I have my seasons mixed up. You are supposed to do that throw everything out kind of cleaning in the Spring. Correct? Then what the hell was I doing all weekend? I couldn't stop with the cleaning of things. And the throwing away of things. And I found my pre-pregnancy clothes and washed them all, knowing damn well that they don't fit, and then had a nice little breakdown in my bedroom because I can't lose the weight. Ugh.

With Sage's cutting of teeth, yeah that's right, I said TEETH, not tooth ... she tends to be sporadically happy or cranky. Kind of like a little Jekyl and Hyde personality going on that I am hoping she only lets out during the cutting of teeth. Much unlike her father, who is in a constant struggle between the two and doesn't know which he wants to have as a full time, integrated personality! The mood swings in that child. Ohmigod. She is set off by the most innocent of things when she's tired and cranky. And tired and cranky she is. She can't sleep through the night because of the teeth, which I've lost count of, so she is battling the sleepy-time fairy by 7:00pm and throwing fits that make John McEnroe look tame back in the day! There should be a rule against having more than one tooth come in at a time. Really. There should be.

We got a package in the mail this past weekend. Well, not we ... Sage did. The kids told me that I got a package but it very clearly had Sage's name on it. Of course, I knew what it was. It was a present from Fairie Goddessmama Colleen and as soon as I opened it and pulled this soft, gorgeous blanket out ... Sage was reaching for it making her "Ooo, Ooo" noise. The child knew it was hers. She hugged it and rubbed it on her face and promptly took it to her MawMaw's with her! She owes Fairie Goddessmama lots of kisses when she sees her.

I didn't really get any pictures this weekend because of the cleaning frenzy. I have been waiting for over a month now to put her little Halloween outfit on her. It's just a cute little shirt and pants, but I didn't feel right putting it on her before October. She wore it yesterday. And she was completely uncooperative about having her picture taken. Shut up Mads! I am not blinding her. Anyway ... this was all I got and you can't tell how absolutely adorable it is at all. The pants have little embroidered candy corns down one leg. It's just too cute. Now I have to find a pair of orange socks and get some better pictures next time she wears it. For now ... you get this.

Yeah, that's it for the picture taking. I'll get her tonight. During one of her 'Mommy isn't looking so I'm going to let go and stand on my own' extravaganzas that let me know they really do grow up way too fast. This was also thrust right into my heart like a piercing little dagger when she was playing with Dink the other night. When I reached for her, she actually took a step and tried to walk, unassisted, to me. I grabbed her up real quick lest she actually realize she can do it and I have a heart attack because my nine month old is walking and getting into everything I have managed to move from her crawling/stand reach. I'm going to be in so much trouble when she's fully mobile and on two legs. You may find me in a corner, babbling to myself, sounding like her newly discovered FURBY!


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