Tuesday, October 17, 2006

test of new page

On to bigger and better things in the blogosphere! I'm hoping to be able to move the content from my Live Journal site to here, but I'm not sure if it is possible or how to go about it. I guess I can leave it up and post a link from there to here.

This is one of the last pictures that I posted over at Tammy's Meanderings and think it's just too adorable to not include in the beginning of this one. If that is what this is ... the beginning.

I need to work on the look and feel on the journal and try to get my colors back. This will be an experiment for the next week or so until I figure things out and decide if I want to permanently move things here or not.

Sage has been into everything the last few days and can now remove herself from her walker whenever she feels like it. I had to move it to its' highest setting and that seems to have detered her a bit, but she still tries to get out after about ten minutes of cruising around the house. She is also making more frequent attempts to walk. She moves from one piece of furniture to the other with no problem if they are within a couple of feet of each other. The next few weeks should bring about quite the flurry of activity.

She also now says "Mama" with gusto and doesn't hesitate to say it when trying to get my attention or if she is heading toward me. Yay me. Finally. After months of feeling white hot jealousy toward Dink because she said "DaDa" first.

I'll also be trying out some ads from BlogHer to see if they lead to anything. I don't know why ... but I thought I would give it a try.


Blogger structuredchaos said...

You have a beautiful baby girl!
And you can tell she's going to be smart. She's already trying to speak about the artistic Dada movement!

10:38 AM  

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