Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sage has been waking up in the middle of dreams recently. The first few moments that she is awake, she is still walking in dreamland and it usually results in side splitting laughter.

Saturday morning, her father woke her up. She sat straight up in bed.

Sage: "Do NOT throw snowballs at the monkey."
Daddy: "Sage, baby, I think you are dreaming."
Me: snicker, snicker
Sage: turns with wide eyes, pointing at the window "There are MONKEYS in the yard."
Me: "Do they look like Boots or Curious George?"
Daddy: "There aren't any monkeys, you are dreaming."
Sage: pointing at her Daddy "Don't YOU chase those monkeys."

I completely lost all composure and he was speechless.

Ten seconds later ...

Sage: "Mommy, can I watch Mickey Mouse?"

I think she's a keeper.


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