Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The weekend

I've been pretty busy for the last week or so and this past weekend was no exception. My Aunt Linda and Uncle Charlie were up from southern Virginia and they had not had the pleasure of meeting Sage yet. We went to my parents briefly on Friday evening and then had a large family dinner on Saturday. Sage wore a dress that her PopPop had bought for her several months ago, which involved the tights that I had to wrestle her into. She was so adorable though. Very much worth the effort on my part, however, I don't know that Sage would agree! There are no words to describe the adorableness of it all. Is that actually a word? Adorableness? I think I may have made it up. Ish. Who cares! It is what it is. She is the most adorable little creature I have ever met. And I am NOT biased!

And you thought she couldn't get any cuter! Her smile makes me melt into a gooey pile of mush that is putty in her hands. The only thing more intoxicating is her laugh. It is one of the laughs of reckless abandon that comes from deep down. One of those laughs that you often only find in children before they learn to erect invisible walls to hide behind, protecting themselves from the rest of the world. I would do anything to prevent her having to do that in the future. Her laugh is so genuine ... so full of life. I can't wait until our evening routine (if she doesn't fall asleep downstairs first), where we lay on the bed and she seeks being tickled. She starts laughing before I even touch her because she knows it's coming.

She did have her picture taken with her Great Aunt Linda on Saturday. It surprised me that she chose to go to her so quickly when she usually seems more drawn to men. The people she usually chooses to go to are her father, her oldest brother, her grandfathers and her uncles, if I am trying to give her to someone so that I can take care of any tasks. Women? Her babysitter and my mother. That's usually it. Surprising me even more, was the fact that she would NOT go to her Great Uncle Charlie.

Her third cousin LJ was there as well, pictured here with my mother. He was born on her due date, two days prior to her. At one point I was on the floor with both of them, reached out and touched his face. She saw me. She is a very jealous little thing when it comes to her mommy. She promplty came to me, climbed up and put her little head on my shoulder, hugging me as tight as she could while she watched his every move! She does the same thing if her father gets near me. This jealousy is the way I now get kisses from her. If her father kisses me, she HAS to. He kissed my cheek over the weekend while we were on the floor and told her "my mommy." She wasn't having it. She crawled over to us, climbed up into my lap, grabbed my face and proceeded to kiss me over and over. She blatantly refused to kiss her daddy when he asked, but when he kissed my cheek again, she was all about kissing on the mama! Yay!

As we played on Sunday evening, I did not yet know that she was coming down with a cold. Little Mr. LJ had a very runny nose and while I did what I could to keep her from playing with the same toys ... they were HER toys and well, I had to leave for about an hour and have no idea what she stuck in her mouth during my absence. All I know is that as of yesterday morning, she was a GEYSER O' SNOT. Sunday night she had trouble sleeping, tossing and turning as she tried unsuccessfully to breathe through her nose. It broke my heart to not be able to make it all better. She kept snorting like a snuffulofagus in her sleep and would wake up crying. It was horrible.

This was the quiet before the storm. She slept for about half and hour before waking up with a stuffed nose. I gave her tylenol in case the stuffiness was teething related and started the vaporizer with some Vicks in it. It didn't really help much. Notice that shirt says "more like mommy everyday?" Let me tell you what isn't like mommy in that picture. Sleeping. Mommy hasn't slept in several days now because Sage can't breathe. Yesterday, after speaking with the nurse at her pediatricians' office, I went out and bought a cool mist humidifier instead. She said I didn't need the Vicks. She said it has been medically proven that it does nothing to help. She LIED like a rug. I ran the humidifier for almost two hours prior to Sage's bed time. She could NOT sleep. I plugged in my Vicks Vapor plug and within the hour she was breathing better. She didn't wake up as much last night as she had on Sunday night, but it still wasn't smooth sailing. The next time I see a snotty child, I'm grabbing my monkey and running far, far away.

Princess on Ice update: Kaylie really enjoyed her outing with her grandmother, Aunt Debi and cousins. This is the outfit I bought her for the occasion. I got the works ... blouse, skirt, tights and new shoes. I also bought her a new coat. A really cute pink parka that she loves. She loved this outfit. Does is look like it? Ummm ... NO! Kaylie is the most unphotogenic, photogenic child I have ever come across. She's an enigma. A photographers nightmare. When she is just being herself, and isn't focused on the fact that there is a camera about to snap her picture, the shots I get of her are beautiful. If she is aware, she tries to smile and it ends up looking like a grimace of pain. I don't like that and refuse to photograph it. It can be cute in very few instances and trying to take a picture of her, in her new clothes, because I wanted a nice picture is not one of those instances. Needless to say, this is the grumpy look I got immediately before the waterworks began because I told her to STOP. WITH. THE. FAKE. SMILE. ALREADY! She stomped from this picture, to the couch, where she cried and pouted until her grandmother picked her up. All because I WANTED to take her picture. All because I was going out of my way to make it her day, and all about her, and dote on her because I rarely have the chance to do so. Other than her coming home with cotton candy, a Tinkerbell doll, and two princess crowns ... I don't know much about her adventure because she was still pouting about the picture taking fiasco, promptly took her bath and went to bed.


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