Monday, November 20, 2006

Pink Cons!

Reminding me of when I was 16, and they were all the rage. I think they were the first thing pink that I actually wore by choice. I loved my pink cons. My brother and sister-in-law bought these for Sage for Christmas last year. When she was a week old. I jokingly said that I would pull them out in a couple of years, not realizing how fast my monkey would grow!!! I thought of them on Friday after seeing a picture and pulled them out over the weekend. My heart sank a little. Her furry ugg-like boots are a size 5 and the cons are a size 4. I didn't think they would fit. But they do! Not for long, but she did get to wear them. I almost want to go buy a pair just like hers (just like my old ones) so that I can take a picture of our feet together in our matching shoes.

She has a bit of trouble standing up in them and couldn't quite get her feet under her. The reason she hadn't had them on before is that I have steadfastly refused to put shoes on her until she is walking. Her boots ... soft soled bottoms and only for going out in the cold weather. Shortly after this picture was taken, she fell. Tripped over her own feet because she wasn't used to them. Hit her head on the bottom of the glider and bit her lip. I felt so bad. She had a bruised bump on her forehead. A bloody lip. I cursed myself for putting them on her and probably won't again. And see that craziness going on, on the back of her head? Her hair looks much shorter than it actually is. It comes down to her shoulders when wet. The curls are starting to make their appearance. It is adorable. I never imagined I would have a child with curls due to how horridly straight my hair has always been. But I do. And I love it!

Sage and Cody don't do much together. He'll be twelve in a couple of weeks and, well, she can't play Playstation, so he doesn't really have much use for her. But occasionally, he puts down the gaming controller and decides to hang out with the rest of us and will play with her. And if he doesn't, she will beat him in the head with whatever she can find until he does. I tried several times to get some cute shots last night but the lighting was pretty dim and I had to put my cameras flash on high. It doesn't recharge as fast as I would like, and I missed the best ones because it wasn't ready. Here, she is leaning in for a hug. She kept laying her head on his, or just next to his on the pillow. It was too adorable. I didn't want to get any closer and disturb them, ruining the entire moment.

Speaking of Cody's birthday ... we are taking about 10 kids to play paintball. I think I've lost my mind. Especially since I have challenged he and PJ and told them that I can't wait to get them. I have no doubt that I will, but Cody wants a kids against parents battle. His mother is coming and he keeps telling everyone that his parents are going to battle them. His parents being his mother and I, since Dink will be out of town. I'm thinking that somehow, somewhere along the line, there is going to be a parent or parents who think that Cody has lesbian mothers! The only other adult that may play, is his aunt. I dont know if she will or not. I'm thinking the 10-2 ratio is just a little overkill.


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