Tuesday, November 28, 2006

And people are against the death penalty, why???

I can't believe this or this.

I will never understand the thought behind the death penalty being wrong. Not when things like this happen! I just don't get it. How do you put a three week old baby in a microwave? You don't want your child, give it up for adoption. There are THOUSANDS of infertile couples in this country waiting on adoption lists this very minute! Or try to sell your five year old child on Craigslist? Dude if you need money, get a job! Got one ... get another one? You don't sell your child, assmonkey!!!

How does your mind ever get so fucked up that you can do something like that? How? I can't imagine how you someone can get to that point without stopping to think "Hey, there might be something wrong with me for thinking about doing something like this."

I've said it before and I will say it again. People should have to take IQ tests before they are allowed to procreate! If you don't have a combined IQ of a certain level, mandatory sterilization. Stupid breeds stupid. I know it's not a nice thing to say, but it does. And do we really need any more idiots like these people in the world? Do we? Really?

And you just know that bitch is going to get off on some insanity plea like that other bitch, Andrea Yates. Or actually be convicted and then eligible for parole in thirty years or some shit, like Susan Smith.

And don't start yammering to me about depression and psychosis and all of that crap. I was a psychology major. I get those things. But, I have never been able to get a firm grasp on sudden breaks with reality, and not knowing right from wrong, and temporary psychosis. If it isn't caused by a sudden, severe trauma or a drug induced psychosis or break from reality (and it better be severe and medically proven), don't try to use those excuses with me! Especially in the case of Andrea Yates. Bitch even admitted that while she was drowning her children, she KNEW that it was wrong but God was telling her to do it, so she did it. Bullshit! She knew she had issues with post-partum depression, she was told not to have anymore children ... and yet she, with her husbands knowledge, went off of her medication, had another child and then went all bat-shit crazy. But it's okay ... she was "insane" ... she thought God was talking to her. What the fuck ever!

Just so you know ... insane, insanity ... those are legal terms used in court only! The term insane is not used in the medical community, at all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The death penalty - I am all for it. The killer should die the way his/her victim(s) were killed. When there is clear DNA evidence or obvious guilt (such as tapes, etc) there should be no appeals. No dragging it out for years until the person dies of old age. If you have any problems finding people to do the execution - come to me.

Talk about having children. Don't get me started. I am sick and tired of my tax dollars funding multiple children to single women who have no clue as to who the father is. I once lived in an area where it was common to see a woman living in a section 8 house, getting public assistance, food stamps, medicaid, etc, not working and having child after child each by a different man They never worked but could always afford a new SUV and buy steaks and brand names at the supermarket that I could not afford because I worked to support this slut. Everyone on any type of public assistance should have mandatory sterilization (male and female).

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