Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to You

I can't believe that it has already been a year. It may be an old cliche', but time flies when you are having fun. The absolute hardest, and most enjoyable, thing I have ever done in my life was becoming a mother. In the time span of a year, I have learned so many things, most importantly, how to look at everything with wonder again. I have always been cynical, however, you seem to have placed a pair of rose-colored glasses upon me and I see things with a new appreciation.

In the last year, you have learned so many things and have most definitely become quite the independent little girl. You have learned to say dada, mama, what, what's that, who's that, duck (which refers to every animal you see and your brother), dog, ow, uh oh, stop and the horrid, horrid shit. That last word, you decided to say repeatedly and loudly, at your siblings church play the other night during the one and only prayer! You are also trying very hard to say fish, frog and tree. While I thought that you would say no, since you hear it so often, you still haven't said it. You do shake your little head quite vigorously in it's place though.

You can take a few steps on your own, before falling over and exclaiming "UH OH!" You take everything in stride until you decide that you want to do something specifically, and then you are very adamant about doing it. You are not a child who will be bullied into things and will very likely be a strong leader. You can often be found scurrying across the floor naked since you aren't about having me put a diaper on you once you have been freed from the previously soiled one. We are going to have to work on that one monkey, because you cannot run naked at will. It will get you into trouble in the future.

You are the love of my life. There is nothing that I won't do for you and there are no steps that I won't take to insure your happiness and safety. I can't wait to wake in the morning and look at your smiling face. It absolutely takes my breath away. The sweetest moments are when you reach for me, for your morning hug and snuggle your face into my neck and hair. You make every day full of laughter and you are the most precious gift.

Happy birthday Sage. Since you are too young to make a wish, I made one for you yesterday when we blew your candle out. I wished you a life full of happiness and love, surrounded my family and friends. A life filled with laughter, joy, and health. I wished for you, all of the things that I couldn't fit into that brief pause between the end of singing happy birthday and blowing out your candle. In one breath, I wished the world for you.


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