Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tis the Season ...

To lose my goddamned mind! Dink is out of town and I am trying to prepare for the holidays without him. The first thing I did was take Sage to see the jolly fat man, and had my parents accompany me. She wasn't having it. Not. A. Chance! She clung to me like a little velcro monkey and whimpered when I thought to bend slightly to hand her to him. She looked at me with tears in her eyes as if I had betrayed her. We left without pictures, even though I had contemplated plopping her in his lap and getting a picture of her crying. But I couldn't do it. It would have broke my heart. Dink, later that evening, said I should have gotten a picture of Santa by himself, took a picture of her, and photoshopped her into his lap. I'm thinking that a nice picture in front of the tree ... or even with a plain background is just going to have to do.

Actually, the first thing I did was get our holiday tree (I technically celebrate Yule, Dink and the kids celebrate Christmas), since Sage fell asleep on the way to our unsuccessful picture taking adventure. I got a good sized tree this year, although it is no where near as large as last years. I really, really wanted a Fraser Fir. The guy at the stand said they were the "Cadillacs of Christmas trees." They can keep their "Cadillac" for the $200.00 they wanted for it. If it had a rootball, I may have actually gone for it. $200.00 for something that is going to die over the next three weeks in my living room ... well, people in hell, ice water ... get my drift? I got the "Honda" version.

The boys and I put the tree up Saturday evening. This is where I started to feel I was in one of those Chevy Chase movies and seriously thought about ditching the entire Christmas thing this year. Because, really? Who needs the freakin' hassle? We checked the strands of lights and strung them on the tree. We put the bows and balls on. We were half way through hanging the ornaments and every strand of lights, after the first strand, goes out. Eight strands. What the fuck? Gah! No biggie, we'll worry about it later, I thought. A few minutes later, I am looking at the tree, contemplating where to put the next ornament and in slow motion, my "Honda" starts falling towards me. Luckily, I am pretty quick in reacting and I stop it from falling on me or the kids. PJ, in his attempts to help hold the tree up, is pushing me further into it and I'm yelling, "dude, back the hell up." Ugh. It was horrible. I spent the next half hour under the tree to no avail. I eventually rigged a way to prevent it from falling for the night and their grandfather stopped by and stabilized it for us in the morning.

Last night, we took everything off of the tree, and started over again. It looks pretty good and I will post pictures of it later. Sage doesn't really know what to think about a tree in the house. She keeps looking at it, pointing, speaking gibberish ... but she hasn't attempted to go over to it yet. We have several animated Christmas type decorations that sing and she IS all about them. We have a Rudolph and his nose lights up when he sings. The nose ... must look appetizing because as soon as she saw it light up, it went into her mouth. She hugs Rudolph and kisses him, and then she chomps his nose again. She also likes to hug the two snowpeople we have when they sing. She isn't too sure about the Scoobie stocking. He's kind of loud and doesn't light up. She's fine with holding him if he isn't singing. She also loves looking at everything on the fireplace mantle. I'm hoping she remains only semi-interested in the tree because, I've got to tell you ... that think terrifies me. Babies/toddlers and trees. I just don't see them being a good combination, any way you look at it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TIE THE TREE UP!! Tie it to pipes, to furniture to anything that is tall enough and stable enough. That's what my mother did because of the cat (who had a tendency to overdue the nip and run up the tree). That's what Ali & Aaron do with Ethan around.

Love ya, sweetie!

6:35 PM  

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