Friday, January 05, 2007

Holiday suckage

So, I’m sure you have been waiting to hear what a great holiday it was and how much Sage enjoyed the wonder of the first Christmas where she had at least a little bit of a clue what was going on. Last year, she was all of a week old and if she wasn’t half heartedly attached to a breast, she was asleep or barely focusing more than six inches from her face. And of course, I was feeling like I had been through the ringer and running a fever with no clue that my uterus was trying to kill me and that I would be back in the hospital in less than 48 hours.

Well, you aren’t going to hear how wonderful the holidays were. And you aren’t really going to get lots of cutesy pictures of the little monkey opening presents and having a blast. Because she was beyond sick and started vomiting at 6:30pm on Christmas Eve. Vomiting like I never want to see my child vomit again. Continuously for six straight hours, for a total of fifteen times before she wearily fell into an exhausted slumber around midnight. Christmas morning started off pretty good. We got some fluids into her and she held them down for about two hours. By 10:00am, the vomit once again made its appearance and shortly thereafter we were in the emergency room. We spent most of the day at the hospital. The culprit? Everyone who is oh so much wiser than me and knows what my child can and cannot eat! They stuffed her full of things she had never had before the afternoon of Christmas Eve and the ER pediatrician is guessing that it was the potato salad that did her in.

I had taken the week of Christmas off for a stay at home vacation of sorts to try to get things done around the house. All I managed to do was tighten the muscles in my back and lose about five pounds pacing constantly with a sick baby in my arms. She is just now getting over the entire episode … TEN days later. Her being sick has taken its toll on my sanity. There is nothing worse than having a sick child and not being able to do a thing to help her except wait it out. I take that back. Holding that sick child down on a hospital bed while a nurse shoves a suppository up her little back side to stop the vomiting was worse. I felt violated for her. There should be laws against such things. And there should be much better methods to help a sick child with all of the money that is poured into medical advancements.

I do have a few pictures from over the holidays but haven’t had a chance to download them from my camera yet. I promise to post them as soon as I get a chance. Most of them are from late last week when she felt just well enough that I HAD to put her into the beautiful dress and tights that her fairie goddessmama Colleen got her for Christmas. She looked adorable. But I was afraid she would soil the dress beyond repair if I left it on for too long, so I took it off after a few hours.

I hope everyone else had a better Christmas and we are aiming to have an extremely uneventful one this coming December.

Happy New Year to everyone and may yours be filled with love and laughter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you liked the dress then? I've been so worried about her health that I didn't even ask if you liked the stuff I sent. You found the gift receipt, right? In case you want to exchange some or any or all of it?


5:37 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

Sorry your daughter was sick. It is awful having a sick child but I'm glad she's better now.

2:56 AM  
Blogger Karianna said...

Oh, what a sad story.

May the new year bring better times.

1:59 PM  
Blogger MamaLee said...

First time reader of your blog here! I'm sorry to hear about your sweet baby being so sick. IT is one of the worst things, for sure.

Wishing you an uneventful, happy, CALM 2007!

10:04 AM  

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