Monday, May 19, 2008

Daycare woes

The last three weeks have been horrible. Sage's babysitter had a heart attack and has just gotten out of the hospital. She is going to be okay but she has a long recovery ahead of her with cardiac rehab.

I had to scramble and find someone in a couple of days and found someone around the corner. Sage has never been with anyone else, so I was hesitant to begin with. The first day went pretty well. It got worse each day after that. By the end of last week, she was crying before we even left the house because she didn't want to go.

I had only gotten good reports from the new sitter and then, out of the blue, she told me that Sage was "no longer welcome" there. What the fuck? What could she have possibly done? According to this woman, Sage likes to throw her food on the floor. Excuse me? Since when and why hasn't she ever done it at home? The lady decided to take her and the 15 month old that she watches into town a couple of days prior and apparently put Sage in the car seat that was easily unbuckled. So, of course Sage did what any normal two year old would do. She unbuckled the seat. And it was HER fault that the woman had to stop on the side of the road and switch her with the baby to put her into a more secure car seat. Why wasn't that done to begin with?

This woman wasn't my favorite person and I was looking for someone else to care for Sage until her babysitter has made a full recovery. This woman just left me high and dry. Is that supposed to be professional? Is that the norm these days? What is wrong with people.

I still have not found someone and am not sure that I really want to. But, where does that leave me? I have to have daycare because I have to work. Why do things have to be so difficult? Why can't I stay home????