Thursday, February 12, 2009

The monsters, they are real

So, Sage is still afraid monsters. And because of Chicken Little, she thinks they now come out of the clouds as well, which makes bedtime not the only time she gets scared. I find myself constantly telling her that there are no monsters and Mommy is always there to protect her, so she doesn’t have to worry.

But then I think to myself, “self, you are full of shit!” The fact is I am not with her 24/7 and monsters do exist. Monsters that she doesn’t even begin to imagine at her tender age. Monsters who steal children out of their beds at night, from the streets in broad daylight and those that walk the world pretending to be mommy, only to kill their children and dump them in a trash bag with a heart sticker on duct tape across their mouth. These are the monsters of my own nightmares, which occur on a regular basis. These monsters deprive me of my sleep and make me wary all of the time. I feel like such a hypocrite telling my child that there are no monsters.

I am so sick of hearing about child abductions and parents killing their children. The thing that makes me go beyond all rational thought, are those that chose to defend the monsters. I’m not talking about loved ones defending someone and saying they couldn’t do such a horrible thing, even though they sicken me as well. I’m talking about the people who actually try to rationalize such horrendous actions by making claims that a parent was forced to keep an unwanted child or that maybe, just maybe that the person thought it was the only way out of a situation they couldn’t handle.

Why does our society condone such heinous actions at times? Why do we let known child predators out of prison instead of executing them the minute they are found guilty of harming a child? Why do people stand by with knowledge of such actions against a child and never step up and simply put a stop to it?

Another child has gone missing in Florida, and another set of parents is grieving. And you know what? I’m suspicious. Suspicious that someone who was supposed to care for her has caused her harm. I will feel really bad if I am proven wrong, but will be even more sickened if I am proven right. It seems like child abduction/abuse/killings have grown to epidemic proportions and I’m wondering when our society is going to get it’s collective head out of it’s ass and start taking care of the only thing that should matter in our lives.

And when a child is not protected, and the monster is caught … when will be step up to the plate and treat the monster as just that, a monster? When will we stop coddling them and claiming them reformed and turning them loose to pray on another child? If a dog were to bite our child, often enough we get the authorities in and the dog is put down. So I ask, when a monster “bites” our child, why should that monster not receive the same punishment? After all, we are supposed to be a superior species, correct?