Friday, April 04, 2008

I scare myself

So, those who have known me for awhile, know that I am apt to blurt out to people at times that they are pregnant. I have a track record of six for six with one possible pregnancy still not confirmed. Not confirmed to me, at least. I've always been pretty intuitive and I have always passed it off as some freakish sixth sense that only had to do with pregnancy.

Well ......

For the last two weeks I have had this freakish fear that they have been trying to make my little nephew come out while he isn't ready. They have been inducing up the wazoo, literally, and it's been freaking me out but I hadn't said anything to anyone. Until yesterday. I finally spoke up to my mother of my suspicion and confided that I thought I had completely lost my mind.

You see, I have had this feeling that my nephew was conceived after his sibling. My brother's girlfriend is pregnant with "twins" but one has not survived. I'm crazy, right? You can't get pregnant while you are already pregnant with a viable fetus. Right?


It's called superfetation.

I thought that my intuition had gone all freakazoid and shit and that if I told anyone what I had thought, I would be carted off to St E's and quickly thrown into a padded room. Hey ... my going around and saying "ummm ... I think you're pregnant, did you happen to know?" would have had me burned at the stake not too long ago.

While I was confessing my insanity to my mother on the phone, my nephew's mother was in the ob/gyn's office being told that she had conceived him approximately 12 to 14 weeks after the conception of the other fetus. They have been inducing for the past 2 weeks and he isn't due for another 6 weeks from their test results.

So, no nephew for me yet. And he has a good chance. And I'm going to go hide from the internet peoples that happen to stumble across this and think I'm crazy.

What a week ...

I took off of work today to take PJ to get his learner's permit and he promptly failed the test at question #15. We go back for round 2 tomorrow and hopefully he will get through the test and we will walk out of there with a shiny new piece of plastic identification to put into his wallet. And I am betting that it will take him less than two weeks to lose it. Anyone want to make any wagers? Maybe I should start a pool. The boy loses EVERYTHING, so it's only a matter of time and someone will profit from it. May as well make it worth someone's time, right?

Still no baby nephew to show off. Things aren't looking good. He will be taken by c-section at 3:30pm this afternoon and we are all praying for the best outcome possible. The doctors are not too optimistic since he is still very, very small ... 2 1/2 pounds small at 4 weeks late. I just don't know what to make of things. He's a fighter right?! He has had a strong heartbeat all of this time ... he has survived while his twin did not ... he's hanging in there. Hopefully, he will continue to do so and prove the doctors wrong.

I also received a phone call from the kids' grandmother last night. She has been diagnosed with stage 1 bladder cancer. The prognosis is good and stage 1 out of 14 is very promising. She will be having surgery to remove the pollup/tumor, and then will be tested every three months for any return of the cancer. She's optimistic. Me? I feel like someone is beating the shit out of me with a sledge hammer this week!!!

After all of the stressful news, it's time to look at my little impish child. She's always so full of life and energy and when things get me down, I just hold on to her until things are all better.